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Start with this posting on Software Product Lines.

More On Software Product Lines

Consider the pairings below and how their members relate.

  • information : binary counter
  • binary counter : (switch, register, flag, data)
  • (switch, register, flag, data) : code
  • code : function : routine : application

When we talk about software product lines, we are talking about information and ultimately its application.

Small yes/no decisions.  Larger logical sequences.  Historical data.  Hardware and software components plus that data.  Information systems in support of business.  Business products and services.

Technology can enable these products and services.  Manual systems also, can enable business process and information systems.

Organizations get to a state of maturity around information and the portfolio of application, and begin to ask questions about their efficiency to deliver on these.

Let’s continue to consider pairings.

  • application : service : components & data
  • components & data: core assets
  • core assets : business products & services : technology products & services : enterprise architecture
  • governance of (core assets : business products & services : technology products & services : enterprise architecture)

The business case for software product lines explores these questions:

  • In general, is it worthwhile to mature – to improve – and if so, what is the value and the risk of doing so?
  • Is there specific value in evaluating how we manage components & data?  What is that value?
  • What industry models might aid us to think through these questions?  How do we leverage them?

Is there business benefit in thinking of components & data as Core Assets?  What do we mean by that and what are the implications?

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