To Integrity!

This morning a friend of mine awoke and found herself richer, in dollars and in spirit.  A past client had overnight transferred a sum of money her way, a “bonus” for services above and beyond.  Though the contract said it was possible that she could receive such payout, a premium for value received, it was totally at the client’s discretion with absolutely no obligation for them to do so.  They easily could have said, “Out of sight, out of mind,”  and rested on goodwill already attained between them, and left it at that, but didn’t.

I raise my glass to those who do not allow circumstances to offer an excuse for a lapse in integrity.  Gestures like these are palpable demonstrations of ethic and principle, and they kindle the same in those they touch.

Salut! Ade Yamas!

© Michael C. Simonelli,, 2013

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