Room for the heart?

As I host and attend events to support the days’ goals, I am often amazed at how many people – co-workers – are meeting each other physically for the first time, despite being co-located and holding stakes in common interests.  This actually makes it easier in many cases to get juices flowing, to use the freshness of the first encounter, to smash through the predictable, and take a first cut at new points of view.

While we gain goodness like this, in people connecting physically and intellectually, consider that the more compelling wins will come from further connecting at the heart, passion to passion.  Is your culture competent to nurture its mad scientists, artists, and sculptors?  Does it allow time for the creative process to take hold?  Do these ideas jibe with what you consider practical in managing the top and bottom lines?

For more on the topic, and about the love that goes into a mother’s butter cookies, please see:

Creativity: A Dialogue with Oliver Uberti.

© Michael C. Simonelli,, 2013

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