Dream Team Rides The Bench

You spend a lot of effort to acquire the best talent.  Scouts constantly on the lookout, poring over credentials, conducting interviews, filtering out, distilling it down to the very best, the Dream Team.  Each Dream brings that extra something to the court, a personal brand on a basic game.  In time the team gels, the fingers defer to the larger needs of the hand, they execute near-flawlessly from a common playbook, without sacrificing spontaneity and creativity.  The players get comfortable with one another, riffing, rocking, rolling through the opposition.

But over time, do they stay dreamy?  Are you finding beds of laurels where once there were workout mats?  Noticing a little hesitation in the dribble, flubbed crossover moves, alley oops to no one?  Their fault or yours, the head coach?  Still rallying them at half-time?  Willing to get thrown out of the game to fire them up?  When was the last time you stood center court and jumped the opening tip?

© Michael C. Simonelli, onthegocio.com, 2013

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