What do Margaret Mead and Hunter S. Thompson have in common?

2 quotes to get you thinking about organizational change.

The first from Margaret Mead, an anthropologist known for her work in helping us to consider cultural evolution:  “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world.”

Mead believes that transformation results from a cluster of interacting people who make choices and set direction, responsible for crucial innovations, disrupting relationships with other groups, funneling events until change occurs.

In Continuities in Cultural Evolution, Mead writes: “Even in the very simplest culture we find conditions which are favorable or unfavorable to evolution in the ways in which age, sex, and the manipulation of even very small amounts of esoteric knowledge are structured, so that the specially gifted are assured-or deprived-of a chance to exercise their gifts in any particular field.”

I think Mead’s ideas neatly complement the sentiment of our second quote, from Hunter S. Thompson, American writer and founder of Gonzo journalism:  “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

In upcoming posts we explore the potential for Communities of Professionals as disruptive clusters and their members as catalysts for change.

© Michael C. Simonelli, onthegocio.com, 2013

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